“I really love your work. I get compliments on my earrings all the time, and my boss has demanded that she have a backup pair in case something happens to hers. She wears them daily, and says, “No one has ever complimented me on my earrings the way they do these.” She says people she doesn’t know stop her all the time.”

Marissa M.


“I have a pair of your earrings that I bought in a shop in Julian, CA. I just love them and get many compliments when I wear them. In fact, I have them on today and several people have admired them. You do beautiful work!”

Barbara H.


“I discovered your very cool earrings in June of 2003 when I was traveling to Maine from Ohio. I can’t tell you how many comments and questions I’ve had since then. I now live in Denver and have added to my collection of your earrings through your website. I have six pairs and would like to order three more from your new collection. I truly am the talk of my luncheons when I wear these unique pieces.”

– Julie M.


“I stopped counting the compliments I got on those earrings. But, I’m happy I can keep on getting them. Kudos to you and your design talents! A plus was that I found them on my first visit to the Vero Beach Art Museum, and it was a fine gem.”

– Ann H.M. 


“Hooray! My new earrings arrived today and they’re wonderful. I plan to carry your cards with me as people are always complementing them and wondering where to buy them. You can’t imagine how many times that I’ve printed out your company name on a scrap of paper for them…this will be much better.”

–Sandy Sober


“I’ve purchased at least a dozen pairs of your earrings for my wife over the last couple of years. I think you make the absolute coolest earrings! I found you online and plan to continue buying them. You make a great product at a great price. I know my wife will love the two pairs I just purchased when she opens them Christmas morning. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!”

–Drew B. 


“It arrived and my earlobes are happy!!!”

– Janice L.


“I love it when we get a fresh batch of your newly designed earrings and they start flying out the door again!”

– Liza, Bowdoin College Museum of Art


“I have so many of your earrings which I get in Lincoln, MA and ALWAYS get comments and inquires and huge compliments for your designs. I am addicted!”

–Judy H.


“When my husband asks me what I’d like for Mother’s Day, my birthday or our anniversary, he knows what my answer will be! “I’d like a pair of Singerman & Post earrings.” I love them and get compliments all the time I’m wearing them. I’d rather enjoy wearing a new style of your earrings than get flowers or something i really don’t need. Thank you again.”

–Sheila Eisinger


“I’m one of your biggest fans! You made me a pair of beautiful earrings, the highlight of my day, month, year! They’re so shiny and new! I love them very much. Thank you very much! I have your business cards which I will hand out when they ohhh and ahhh over my earrings!  All your hard work is very much appreciated!”

-Christy Florin Chanterny


“I have been a fan of your earrings for several years and have always treated myself to a pair when visiting my family in York, ME. I get compliments on them almost every time I wear them (which is often!). I’m so looking forward to carrying them!”

Kathy H.


“I’ve been wearing them for years now and absolutely love them. And, I have been giving them to family and friends as well.”

Lynn M.


“My fourth pair of earrings arrived several weeks ago; now compliments abound! I love them.”

Sandra V.