Using an extraordinarily unique process we laminate together multiple layers of metallic plastics. Vibrant artwork is photo-transferred onto that and then it’s all sealed in a protective clear over-laminate making it waterproof and U/V resistant.

Each piece is hand-cut, formed into sculptural shapes, then assembled with glass and metal accent beading, enhancing the design. 

Sterling silver or gold-filled ear wires top it off. Hand-crafted, as always, in the USA.

Because of the nature of the material the earrings are delightfully light and vibrantly colorful 

 “I love to put things together. I experiment by overlapping images of nature scenes that I’ve photographed on walks throughout the seasons with objects, drawings, paper foldings, scribblings, fabrics, and whatever else appears along my path. I enjoy the surprises that come from this kind of collaging, the unexpected mysteries that emerge from following my impulses.”

Leni Singerman, founder