Singerman and Post Family Tree

Our Story

The inspiration for Leni Singerman’s Jewelry came while riding the subway in New York City in the 1980’s. Leni asked a stranger seated next to her about the unusual earrings she was wearing and found out they were home made out of color magazine print and scotch tape!

Leni graduated a few years before from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Textile Design.  Using her skills and curiosity as well as her love of working with her hands, she collected her base materials inspired by the subway ride: decorative papers, 4” rolls of scotch tape, scissors, a variety of permanent markers, assorted metallic flakes, earring findings, etc., and sat at a table in her apartment on West End Avenue. There, she played with the materials, making sculptural shapes while having long talks on the phone with friends. Her hands took over and within a few weeks she had a full line of designs.

Testing the market first, she started selling at a local flea market in SoHo and had enough success to take the leap and get a booth at the New York Boutique Show, a trade show open to stores around the world. The show was a big success and so the company began in earnest.

The process of making the jewelry evolved over the years as she continually innovated, resolving and refining it to what it is today.

Leni now lives in the Berkshire foothills of New York, with her husband, Terry. Her daughter Cleo continues to hand make the jewelry. The company today has also added designs by Leni’s niece, Eliza Singerman Wapner.

Leni’s love of design and artistic innovation continues to inspire the business and her artistic vision continues to remain at the heart if it all.