The Process and The Artist

Singerman & Post earrings are made by hand, piece by piece, by myself, my husband Terry Post, and our daughter Cleo in Canaan, NY. Usually people guess these earrings are made of metal, that is until they pick them up and discover how lightweight they are. We create them using an original technique that we have developed over the years.

Our jewelry is created by laminating together four-to-eight thin layers of brushed silver and gold-finished mylar in addition to other film materials. One of these layers is a photo-transfer of my original artwork: water colors, paintings, drawings, and photographs that are collaged together. Each earring is then hand-cut, beaded with glass and/or metal beads, and then formed into sculptural shapes that are featherlight, ultra-comfortable to wear, durable, and water proof.

I love to put things together. I experiment by overlapping images of nature scenes that I’ve photographed on walks throughout the seasons with objects, drawings, paper foldings, scribblings, fabrics, and whatever else appears along my path. I enjoy the surprises that come from this kind of collaging, the unexpected mysteries that emerge from following my impulses.

Artist pg2I love it when people tell me they receive so many compliments when wearing these earrings. I like the idea that they can serve as a conversation piece, that they can make a connection of sorts between people. A friend of mine once shared with me, “I love your earrings! I make friends wherever I go when I wear them!” I think this is because of their luminescence, the way they swing so gently with the wearer’s own movement, catching the light and attracting notice.

I take all of this into consideration when designing the new collections. My hope is that the pleasure I experience in designing them infuses the earrings and becomes a felt experience for the people who end up owning them!
Cleo Post, second generation jewelry artisan, beading jewelry in the Singerman & Post studio (see if you can spot Moji the cat in the background). All Singerman & Post jewelry is handmade with care.

–Leni Singerman